The good, the bad and the ugly

It's official. I really can't stand driving. At least, not city driving. Not driving where there are other people to contend with.

On Thursday, I took my car to get washed after work. I parked at the petrol station, went in, bought a ticket, and was just driving to their car wash when this fucking asshole drives into the car wash ahead of me, parks in front of the entrance, then gets out to buy a ticket. When he comes back a few minutes later, I ask him what the fuck he thinks he's doing (in slightly more polite terms). He says nothing, keys in the ticket code and proceeds to get his car washed.

So this selfish bastard has blatantly robbed me of 10 minutes of my time, without the slightest hint of remorse. It goes without saying that he has a shaved head, wears brogues with jeans and drives a Honda.

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I Love Linux

I've got 15 instances of LAME running. I've got 8 BitTorrents running. I'm playing MP3s, browsing the web, writing mail, editing and compiling code. There is no loss of responsiveness in the GUI, despite a load of more than 18. Apple should take note! Whenever there's heavy network or disk activity, Mac OS X 10.2's Aqua interface slows the fuck down. The "really, really busy" spinning colour-disc pointer appears far more often than it really should. The best GUI in the world and it runs like treacle when you get the hardware thrumming.

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Niddry Castle: redux

I went to the aforementioned Niddry Castle after work yesterday.

Yes, work on a Sunday. Such is life. At least I get a shift allowance.

Niddry Castle is really quite interesting. A family lives in it; the Nairns, if the Internet is to be believed. It sits in the middle of a golf course, flanked by two giant bings of shale to the west and north-east. If you didn't know better, you'd swear they were foothills.

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Gah, K5 is down.

So, B3ta asked 'what turns you on?'. Most of the answers are either sensible or obviously made up, but some meet that perfect threshold of quite believable yet utterly mad:

Not me (honest, guv)
A friend tells the story of a girl he met who seemed fairly nice and conventional. Until, that is, he went back to her place for the first time. He opened the fridge and discovered it was full of Cadbury's Cream Eggs. It turns out that what turned her on was to insert one of these eggs and get the man to eat it out of her.

They dated for a while but he had to end it because, as he put it, "there's only so many Cadbury's Cream Eggs you can eat".

i love pissing in sinks
kitchen sinks
bathroom sinks
any sinks.

i havent pissed into a toilet for years
i lost my last girlfriend because of this
and ill probably lose my current one when she finds out!

Knitting women
The concentration in their beautiful faces.
The little clicking sound *haach*

(P.S. Short hair is totaly necessary)

Oh, and I once had an erotic dream about Jane Asher.
So maybe cakes.

What turns me on? Rogues ;)

Looking up

I came home on Friday and found a cheque for £375. The insurance company really are paying my entire excess, as they said they'd do when I finally got through to them. They also said this would all come off the other guy's insurance once they'd finished with the claim. For a change, I believe them.

On Saturday, I went bike-shopping.

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This LJ is now the number one Google hit for "remonstrare". This beats all the online dictionaries, which seem to be the only other place on the internet where you'll find the word.

Now, if only I had the same influence over "nigritude ultramarine".
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