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to show again, to point back to, as a fault

27 October
As a happy denizen of Kuro5hin, you will find my diary here. I'm cross-posting all the interesting entries in it to LJ just for you.
aberdeen, agalmatophilia, amigas, anima sound system, anime, apidya, architecture, arthur's seat, b3ta, battle royale, big ben, bishi bashi, bishonen, bjork, bossa nova, breath of fire, burnout 3, c64s, canada, castles, champagne enemas, chaos engine, charlie parker, chris huelsbeck, churches, classical music, clockwork, composition, compression, cosplay, crpgs, cycling, daft punk, dancing, ddr, dizzy gillespie, doric columns, douglas adams, driving, ducks, eclecticism, edgar allan poe, edinburgh, exhibitionism, f1, fellatio, fight club, final fantasy, fire and ice, foreplay, fruit, gadget hackwrench, gilles peterson, grand theft auto, groove armada, hello kitty, herbie hancock, hill walking, house music, human rights, ipods, iron maiden, jamiroquai, japan, jay-z, jazz, jean michel jarre, jet set radio, john digweed, kasumi, kelis, kumquats, kuro5hin, latin jazz, lego, machinae supremacy, manga, manhunt, mclaren, metal gear solid, mike oldfield, music, mylo, myst, n.w.a., neoclassicism, ninjas, nobuo uematsu, osunlade, papa roach, parappa the rapper, pedantry, perfect blue, pet shop boys, piano, pirates, pop, private eye, programming, propellerheads, racing, radio 4, richard stallman, robots, rock, royksopp, rpgs, runrig, salad, salvador dali, samba, sasha, scotland, sephiroth, sepultura, shoes, sigur ros, simon and garfunkel, slashdot, software engineering, space channel 5, squash, steampunk, tennis, the klf, the mythical man month, the orb, the prisoner, the prodigy, tony hawks, toronto, toyota, trance, trolling, turrican, um jammer lammy, v for vendetta, vancouver, vangelis, video games, wild arms, wipeout, wordplay, world religions, wouter van oortmerssen, zombies